Motorbike survival trips - Europe


Definitely something for motorised thrill-seekers!

Do you like long-distance expeditions with adrenaline and speed?

We have prepared survival training for you during a motorcycle expedition
motorbike expedition. In this training we will focus on
packing the right equipment, so that you take only the
only the necessary equipment. We will teach you how to start a fire, how to obtain and filter water, how to build a shelter, emergency signalling, the basics of first aid and many other useful skills during our expedition.

We choose a wide variety of crossing routes to suit the motorcyclist’s skills. The route can also include other countries within Europe.

We plan the route, make stops and set up camp when you least expect it.

Looking for something special as a gift for a motorbike enthusiast? Attending our training courses is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to experience an unforgettable adventure and combine survival with a motorbike expedition.

Contact us and get on the road!

Price agreed individually

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