Extreme - 2nd degree SURVIVAL - Świeradów Zdrój


Weekend field training. You will spend 2 nights in the woods with us.

Designed for people who already have basic survival knowledge, or have participated in our Level 1 elementary training. Here you will demonstrate your skills.

On arrival at the designated location, you will be given a survival scenario. It could be a crashed plane, a bus accident or getting lost while skiing – off-trail. All this under time pressure, in the field, often in difficult weather conditions. You act in a group! Will you become its leader?

Get ready for an extreme adventure during which your skills and will to survive will be put to the test.

Don’t worry, we will prepare you for possibly any extreme situation!
We have exciting training scenarios prepared by outdoor enthusiasts !

We provide in the price of the training – 2 nights accommodation, food, drinks, necessary equipment, NNW insurance, instructor team.

After completing the training you will receive a certificate.

Trainings are held regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.
The more difficult the better. We will have more opportunities to test ourselves and our endurance.

We provide the equipment. We will arrange all the details individually after signing up for the training.

Participation in our trainings is an ideal gift for anyone who wants to experience an unforgettable adventure!

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